Know who was really Dhoni’s girlfriend and how she died


Let us know, an untouched aspect of Dhoni’s life.


Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s name in the world of cricket is recorded as a big star. People know little about the personal life of captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni. There is very little information available about people, especially before coming to cricket. When Dhoni was engaged in the struggle to become a part of the Indian cricket team, there was such a wave in his personal life, who shook the Mahi to the inside.

Today is Mahi’s birthday. We have brought on this occasion the unacceptable aspect of Dhoni’s life. Let’s know the full case detail.

Dream of coming to Indian cricket team


This story is of that time, when Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s name was not known in the cricket world. Like all youngsters in cricket, Mahi’s eyes also had the same dream that he was just going to join the Indian cricket team. Dhoni was working hard to fulfill his dream.

Give someone his heart


During this, someone came in the life of Dhoni who he was giving his heart. Today, the girl who was in the heart of the ‘Mahi’ who ruled the hearts of millions of girls, her name was Priyanka Jha. Mahi was then 20 years old.

The mind was made to marry


Priyanka had settled in the heart of Mahi that she had made up her mind to marry him in the future. Mahi was determined in his heart that he would spend his life with Priyanka only. But perhaps there was something else written in luck, something very scary.

The big gift given to the country


Prior to India’s delight in the World Cup, Dhoni gave a big gift to his fans as a marriage.

Despite not being interested in cricket, gave full support


It is very rare for people to know that Sakshi was not interested in cricket before marriage. The witness has supported Dhoni in every situation beyond his interest. This love is a sign of the pleasant relationship of both.

Sakshi and Dhoni’s love will not be seen by anyone.


This is the most cute photo ever


Sakshi, Dhoni and his cute daughter daughter Ziva


Dhoni’s father did not want Dhoni to be a cricketer. Dhoni can play due to older sister Jayanti



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