Effective measures to increase the weight of small children


We all want our children to be healthy, so we feed our child to every healthy diet. But in addition to being healthy and healthy in the inward way, it is also important that our children are not too thin, i.e. to one extent children’s weight should be increased. Anyway, childhood is the only time when children seem cute even when they are fat and kids with thick and cheesy cheeks want everyone to adopt … !!!

Small children, especially those who have just learned to eat, make it difficult for new mothers to choose what they feed and whether they do not eat. Because young children have to eat a lot in feeding food like..the food should be easy to digest and should be in the liquefied form. Therefore, today I want to tell you about food that increases the resistance of the children along with increase in weight.

Mother’s Milk


Mother should try that she should feed her newborn well until one year of age. Because in one way these babies are the first food, which increases the weight and also reads the immune system. If you want your child to have diseases such as colds, coughs (which happens to almost every child at a young age), then keep the milk mixed. Breastfeeding mother should also be balanced if such … milk, curd, green vegetables, pulses, dry fruits and seasonal fruits should be consumed.

The Superfood Banana


On the second number, food for weight gain food comes in banana which is also called as children’s superfood. Yes, banana is such a fruit which children of every age eat very much. Potassium, carbohydrate in kale are rich in quantity and it is also found in excess of 100 calories. Banana is quite healthy as well as delicious, which kids eat very well. The child can also be made by making Milk Shake, making curd in the form of a sudi or by mash in the bread milk. Banana chips can also be given as snacks in the evening for children over five years old.



Third place comes lentils. Dal is a source of energy rich in protein which is very important for the children’s brain and physical development. Moong dal is most beneficial for small children because it is easy to digest. Although tur (tur) and mysore pulses can be used in a small quantity of moong dal. Gram lentils should be given to children after one year of age.

If the children drink lentil water and plain pulses, then it is a good thing, otherwise the mung dal khichdi (used to make khichadi more potassic, also used carrots, beans, capsicum, peas and beet root. ), Or grinded pulse and can be made like chile. To make the pulse of lentils trendy and delicious, it can also be used for the child’s choice vegetable and cheese staffing.



Ghee is also a food that can increase the weight of your baby. It has high amount of fat and nutrition. Start using indigenous or Ayurvedic ghee. If you want you can make Ghee very easily at home. By adding ghee to the kids, in hot khichadi or chapati, the taste of food also increases. Ghee children can be given one or two spoons throughout the day. So add ghee to your baby’s diet today.



Yoghurt is a very good selection for your baby’s weight because it is a good source of calcium, fat and nutrition. Bacteria found in curd are very beneficial, which is very effective in digesting food. So add yogurt to your child’s food today. But keep in mind that curd should be fresh because the sour curd is not good for the children (children with sour curd are prone to cold cold), as well as keep children away from flavored yoghurt as it was mixed with sugar is.



Now it comes to potato. Like banana is the favorite fruit of children, similarly in the same way potato children have a favorite vegetable. Potato is a main part of Indian cuisine, so it can be used in your child’s diet without any difficulty. Potato potato, vegetable, potato Paratha children eat quite a lot. Therefore, to increase the weight of the baby, add potatoes to the diet today. Yes, do not fry the potatoes much and avoid potato fritters, because it is not good for anyone.



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