Deepika Padukone’s new photoshoot appeared in ‘Padmavat’ the success of success, if not sure, see photos


Karani Sena, ‘Padmavat’, ‘Padmavati’, Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone are some of the names that have been heard so many times in the past that if they heard some days and then they will be able to come back again. . Whether there are Nook’s tea shop or Friends’ WhatsApp group, the discussions of these people everywhere goes on.

Some time ago, the Karna Senna kept the reward of millions of rupees on the head and nose of Deepika Padukone. The social media was then filled with the wishes of Deepika. Poor Deepika would have slept nights at that time.

But now, right on less screens but ‘Padmavat’ has been released and bumper is also being made in India and abroad. Simultaneously Deepika’s acting is also being praised all over the world. Obviously, Deepika will be very happy. His happiness has recently been seen in Photoshop for Vogue India Magazine. So what’s the matter of late on you also look at these beautiful pictures of Furmaye Mastani?

Also know about such things that only their fad will know.

Deepika not born in India

Deepika not born in India/

Deepika, who made crores of crores of people with her Dimple, was born not in India but in Copenhagen, Denmark. When he was 11 months old and came back to Bangalore

Dabue was going to do this film


Deepika, Sanjay Leela was planning to debut in Bhansali’s film ‘Saawariya’ with Ranbir Kapoor in Bollywood but on the last occasion Bhansali gave this offer to Sonam Kapoor. Deepika’s debut film ‘Om Shanti Om’ from Ittefaq was also released with ‘Saawariya’. But Deepika’s film was a super hit and Sanjay’s film flop.

The first film was


Deepika had a Bollywood debut with ‘Om Shanti Om’ in Bollywood but she had worked in the Kannada film ‘Aishwarya’ a year ago, in which her Upozit Upendra was seen.

One song changed luck


Prior to stepping in Bollywood, Deepika appeared in Lilil’s Ed and Himesh Reshammiya’s album ‘Naam Terra’. This song was Turning Point of his career and got the offer of the film.

Deepika is the relative of Guru Dutta


According to a news story, Deepika is a relative of late veteran actor late Guru Dutt. It is said that Guru Dutt’s real name was Vasant Padukone.

Deepika remains a big baseball player


Deepika likes to play baseball as well, she is also a great player of baseball and has played baseball till the state level.

Four consecutive films have earned 100crores


Deepika is the only Bollywood actress whose four consecutive films have earned a hundred crores at the box office.

Learned acting from here


One of the best actresses of today, Deepika has learned from acting Anupam Kher Acting School of acting and she has taken training from dance sedan Dabar.

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