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The energizing field of Cloud Computing has encountered touchy development. This transformative innovation has adjusted the way business work, as well as shaken up the customary structure of the IT office and put new requests on staff individuals who are looked with reevaluating their own vocations. With associations quickly moving their foundations and administrations to the cloud, occupations are developing dangerously fast, with numerous positions are left unfilled.

Pick up a comprehension of cloud advancements, for example, AWS, Purplish blue, Google Cloud, OpenStack, and vSphere and how to use them to build business efficiency and viability. In this Cloud Computing MicroMasters program, you will find out about Framework As An Administration (IaaS), Stage As An Administration (PaaS), Software As An Administration (SaaS), and other “X as an administration” stages. You will get key foundational learning about lawful and consistence issues, security and hazard relief and how to take after industry gauges and best practices. You will likewise pick up hands-on involvement in actualizing, arranging and overseeing cloud advances.

This connected, graduate-level program is intended for students who need to enter or propel their vocations in this energizing and well-paying field. IT experts not officially working with cloud innovations will pick up a strong establishment while those with some cloud experience will pick up a more top to bottom comprehension of other cloud advancements and other learning, for example, security, strategy, and legitimate and consistence issues.

Employment Standpoint

The greater part of US organizations now utilize cloud computing to lessen cost, increment adaptability, and increment dexterity. This number is relied upon to become quickly finished the following couple of years. (Source: Forbes)

The government has a “Cloud First” order, which guides organizations to move IT framework to the cloud. (Source:

In 2015, more than 3.9 million US occupations were subsidiary with cloud computing, with a large number of them unfilled. (Source: Forbes)

Cloud Computing occupations are a portion of the hardest to fill in the business. (Source: Consuming Glass)

Occupation titles include: Cloud Designer, Cloud Planner, Cloud Examiner, System Modeler, and System Overseer.

Genuine Profession Effect

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“The pace of the present computerized change requires every one of us to endeavor to keep our specialized aptitude current. Projects like UMUC’s MicroMasters program in Cloud Computing are superb open doors for individuals looking to remain on the ball, finding out about bleeding edge cloud and secluded innovation arrangements that are required to exceed expectations in an advanced, day in and day out condition.”

— Greg Wenzel , Official VP for Booz Allen’s Computerized Arrangements gathering

Get a meeting with GE! In the event that you finish and pass the program in 2018, GE will promise you a meeting in Boston for an entry level position or full-time part. Basically select in the program and email when you’ve finished every one of the courses and passed the program or on the off chance that you have any inquiries. Open to Massachusetts occupants as it were.

What You’ll Realize:

Cloud computing establishments and models

Sorts of cloud computing innovations (ie: AWS, Purplish blue, IBM )

Strategies for dealing with a cloud computing appropriation/movement venture

The most effective method to plan a cloud computing framework or administration

Arrangement and setup of cloud computing frameworks

Protecting cloud security and relieving hazard

SaaS, PaaS and IaaS and other administration stages


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